Young Bleed and the South Midwest Rydaz Tour Comes To Little Rock

Young Bleed, Chucky Workclothes & Mr. Envi' in Little RockThis past weekend southern hip-hop legend Young Bleed, along with Chucky Workclothes and Mr. Envi’ had an outstanding performance at Club 428 in Little Rock.

The tour made its 3rd stop in Arkansas as the three MC’s continue to make their way throughout the south and Midwest region, leaving fans old and new a most satisfying experience. The night began with an energetic roster of local acts to set the tone for the main attractions for the event.

Both Mr. Envi’ and Chucky Workclothes are no stranger to the Little Rock area and its night life as they added their touch to the shows mix, only to make Young Bleed’s performance a bit more heightened. Near the end of his performance, fans began to come up on stage and join in, repeating the words to Young Bleed’s cult hit “How Ya Do Dat” along with him. A memorable sight indeed for everyone in attendance. Continue reading


The ‘South Midwest Rydaz Tour’ Kicks Off In Indianapolis

Young Bleed on stage

This past weekend wasn’t just your average weekend in Indy; it was the starting point for the ‘South Midwest Rydaz Tour’.

The first show took place at the VIP Lounge where sounds of local acts filled the room prior to the shows main performances. As the night began to wind down, tour artist Chucky Workclothes, Mr. Envi’ and the tours headliner Young Bleed, graced the stage as they gave an eagerly awaiting crowd a most deserving performance.

For Mr. Envi’, it was his first time performing in Indianapolis and was received well by the Indy natives. As for Chucky Work Clothes, who is a hometown favorite, and southern hip-hop legend Young Bleed, this will be their second time performing on tour together in Indianapolis. The second show on the tour was held at Carl’s Tavern in New Haven, Indiana. Now performing in front of an even more energetic crowd, the tour artist were definitely on top of their game as the atmosphere in the tavern seemed on edge waiting to hear what was in store.

Proof that Young Bleed is a legend in this rap game as well as a well-known and respected artist, the tavern exploded when the opening sounds of his hit classic “How Ya Do Dat” began to play. The crowd sang along with the chorus like chants at a high school pep rally. A great sign of what’s to come for the rest of the tour.

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Here Comes The Affiliationz Tour 2K14



PuppetMaster Entertainment brings you yet another year of rising talent. And this years headliner, “Chalie Boy” of Dirty 3rd Records, is sure to grasp the attention of those who enjoy good music. Here’s a look at the tentative schedule laid out for the tour. Be sure to follow the tours movements as we all know at anytime, things could possibly change.