Young Bleed and the South Midwest Rydaz Tour Comes To Little Rock

Young Bleed, Chucky Workclothes & Mr. Envi' in Little RockThis past weekend southern hip-hop legend Young Bleed, along with Chucky Workclothes and Mr. Envi’ had an outstanding performance at Club 428 in Little Rock.

The tour made its 3rd stop in Arkansas as the three MC’s continue to make their way throughout the south and Midwest region, leaving fans old and new a most satisfying experience. The night began with an energetic roster of local acts to set the tone for the main attractions for the event.

Both Mr. Envi’ and Chucky Workclothes are no stranger to the Little Rock area and its night life as they added their touch to the shows mix, only to make Young Bleed’s performance a bit more heightened. Near the end of his performance, fans began to come up on stage and join in, repeating the words to Young Bleed’s cult hit “How Ya Do Dat” along with him. A memorable sight indeed for everyone in attendance. Continue reading